Submit Guidelines

On this page we will list the simple rules about what links aren't allowed on our site to protect our users from any harm best as possible. Have in mind if you site breaks the rules or our Terms Of Service and you have paid for your link you may not receive a refund since its clearly stated within the websites terms of service and rules.

Websites/Links We do not accept!

  • HYIP investment sites
  • Porn or general nudity
  • Selling of illegal activities (drugs, weapons, hacking etc...)
  • Illegal downloads or selling of music, films, PHP scripts, software etc..
  • General Scam (websites made to scam)
  • Promoting hate and violence (including racism, beheadings etc..)
  • Promoting self harm
  • Mirror sites that have the same content under different URLs
  • Sites created only for the purpose of earning revenue from AdSense or other similar advertisements.
  • child pornography
  • Gambling
  • Links to automated downloads or sites made to infect viewers PC or device with virus.

Have in mind websites that link to any of these topics above will also be denied a link submission. This list can and will be updated with time so please keep an eye out for this page  before submitting a new link to see if your link will break our terms or rules.